About NFire Labs

NFire Labs is led by Alex Youden, the Intermediate Young Engineer of Great Britain 2013. Alex is working with C4DI in Hull after completing his A-Levels at Hymers College. With C4DI backing him and their connections at his disposal he is building NFire Labs into one of the most promising start ups in the country. NFire Labs specialises in designing and building commercially viable desktop 3D printers, successfully funding their leading product, the NFire One Modular 3D Printer, on Kickstarter in July of 2015.

Currently we are based in C4DI and with their help we have managed to build a network of manufacturers, distributors, marketing professionals and business advisors. Here at NFire Labs we understand that the 3D printing market is forever changing; with this in mind, the NFire One meets those challenges and allows you to adapt to tomorrow’s next big thing. The NFire One 3D Printer suits the needs of everyone; from beginners to 3D printing veterans. But there’s more information about that right here.

As we mentioned, Alex Youden is the visionary that shapes the future and is the heart of the company, but behind him is an extensive team that help to drive his vision forward.

David Keel, John Connolly and Jon Moss at C4DI assist with the business side of the company, lending their combined wealth of experience to provide assistance and advice. The guys at Studio Kiwi are behind the digital marketing, branding, and building this sweet, sweet website (and we’re modest too!). The production side is handled by Ino-Plaz where they manufacture many of the components used in the printer, the filament that we use is provided by Floreon, and Escada Innovations are behind much of the media… When you take a look at all the people working in their respective roles, you start to gain an appreciation for just how many people are working together to make NFire Labs the forward thinking company that it is.

Happy Customers

thank you to everyone who backed our Kickstarter, and for the kind words since then

Andy McMillan

"Such an amazing product! I especially like the grey version and the darker grey version!"

Andy McMillan via kickstarter

Mark Roberts

"Fantastic product... and a really helpful team"

Mark Roberts via kickstarter

Jenny Anderson

"I followed the NFire 1 since I saw it at a local convention. A fantastic product with a great team behind it, always willing to help"

Jenny Anderson via kickstarter

Our Partners

the people that made NFire Labs and the NFire 1 a possibility

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